The National Council of Supplements and Nutrients Association (KRSiO) associates producers and distributors of dietary supplements who, thanks to belonging to the organization, have access to current knowledge about the dietary supplement market and have a real impact on the functioning and shaping of this area of ​​the economy in Poland. We have been operating together since 2004.

We cooperate with government institutions, supervisory and control bodies, we give opinions on legal acts and instructions for Polish representatives for meetings of working groups in the European Commission, we are a member of the EHPM European Association with its seat in Brussels associating national associations of EU Member States, we actively participate in issuing opinions and drafting European legislation. Our members always have access to the latest knowledge about dietary supplements, always receive the latest information on changes in law, research results and alerts from the food market around the world. An extremely important body of the KRSiO Association is the Expert Council with scientists, specialists and experts whose activities are connected continuously with the topics of health, nutrition, food, dietary supplements, consumer education, as well as legislation regulating the above-mentioned areas. Our experts are also representatives of law firms with the greatest potential and knowledge in the field of food law. The National Council of Supplements and Nutrients is a specific platform for the exchange of views and experiences between members of the Association and representatives of the world of science and business as well as authorities regulating this area. We are one of the most opinion-forming organizations in the country, organizer of meetings, trainings and conferences on health and dietary supplements. We are also one of the initiators of the Code of Good Practice for Advertising Diet Supplements. We work for the good image of the dietary supplement industry.

The most important tasks of KRSiO include:

  • to influence the regulatory process in regard to dietary supplements and functional foods;
  • to disseminate accurate information about the role of these products in human nutrition, and active participation in the creation of an informed consumer;
  • to support manufacturers by providing general legal counseling and training in terms of production and selling of this products in accordance with high quality and safety standards;
  • to support research and development and to collect scientific data on supplements and their ingredients;
  • to cooperate with organizations and national and international associations dealing with food and its influence on maintaining health.

The most important benefits of membership in the National Court Register:

  • access to the latest information on planned legislative changes at the European and national level and the possibility of influencing these changes. By participating in working groups within the National Court Register, and with the help of the Association’s experts, companies have the opportunity to undertake joint legislative initiatives and participate in consultations on the law being developed;
  • access to extensive scientific and legal knowledge collected by the National Court Register and the European and World Associations;
  • active participation in creating a positive image of the dietary supplements market by implementing the KRSiO Code of Ethics, participation in press conferences and supporting initiatives aimed at consumer education;
  • possibility to participate in KRSiO conferences with a membership discount.